Welcome to the TKO Pegasus WikiEdit


The purpose of this wiki is to provide members of The Kamikaze Overlords with up-to-date resources for maintaining solid communication and strength within the alliance.  

Currently our main project under construction in this wiki is a Galaxy Database, which will include planet locations for all members with indications for their playstyles.

In the future we may also add a Fleet Command Center to help organize fleeters and potential targets.

Important LinksEdit

Official TKO Forums

Alliance Chat Use #TKO

Alliance RulesEdit

1. All alliance members must join the alliance forum within 7 days of joining the alliance.  

2. No raiding of other Alliance member will be permitted except for prearranged moonchance. 

3. If you show as 4 days inactive you will be contacted and kicked. You may rejoin the alliance at any time by sending an application.  If you wish an exception to this rule contact WarWounds by PM through the alliance forum or in-game and activate vacation mode.

4. All members must show themselves to be active by gaining points. Failure to make progress may result in you getting kicked.

5. Any member inactive for 30 days for any reason will be kicked from the alliance.

Latest activityEdit

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